That Amazing Man

One and a half years back I met my boyfriend on a dating site. I felt a spark when we started talking. He was a down to earth person and we shared mutual interests as well. As I dived deeper in him I found a darling guy trapped inside a boring, introverted exterior. I knew not what I was to him but to me he was that one friend on whose shoulders I could cry in my bad moments. He was that one friend who would have actually grieved if our friendship was broken. I found a precious diamond which I didn’t want to lose at any cost.

I was head over heels in love with him. I held pink dreams in my dark brown eyes. Whenever I closed my eyes his charming face would always appear. I imagined us holding hands and waltzing with romantic melody playing in the background. But what if he never felt the same? The only fear I had in my heart.
Finally, he broke away the silence with those three mystical words making me totally astounded but overjoyed.

I actually don’t remember when he became my best friend. He has only one motive in his life—to see me happy and smiling. For that he can do anything. I have gone through plenty of sorry situations in the past and some of them I never told anyone, only he knows. His love has some healing power which soothed my past hurts. Through his eyes I’m a queen with zero flaws. Most girls complain that their men don’t text them back, my darling always texts me back no matter how busy he gets which bothers me haha. (not really!) He calls me Sugarpuffs, Munchkins, wifey pooh and lots of sugary names which always make me go aww…! I wonder how a person could have so much love stored in his beautiful heart. He never runs out of it. The best part in our relationship is we have lots of respect for each other and we don’t dread of sharing anything.
But maintaining a long distance relationship isn’t always easy especially when you have never actually met the other person. We haven’t met in real yet but we know we are meant to be together. We are soul mates and we have complete trust on each other. His optimistic thoughts always raise my spirits whenever the fear of losing him tears my heart out.

True, he is obsessed with me and is somewhat possessive and I have accepted them with all my heart. As a human being he has many faults so do I but I love him for all the best things he is made up of. He is my inspiration, my courage, my closest friend. He is my superman.

Happy anniversary, honey! I just want to thank you for entering in my life with infinite amount of love and friendship and for being with me and tolerating me this whole year. Thank you for holding me whenever I tumbled. Thank you for mending my heart when I came to you with the broken pieces. Thank you for making me believe in true love and fairy tales again. I fight with you and say stupid stuff which makes you sad I know baby, so I hold my ears and say sorry from the bottom of my heart. Only thank you and sorry won’t be enough for what you always do for me. But I promise I will love you today, tomorrow and forever.


16th November-A lesson learned

Winter is a season I always cherish. It brings galore of happiness every time. But this time it started with a saddening note. A loss to me, moreover, my mum.

My uncle called at 2 P.M. The news of my granny’s demise had shaken me completely. I waited for my mum to finish her prayer. I still couldn’t believe what I heard, wondering how to break up the heart-rending news to her.

She was completely broken as I expected. All what she could do that time was grieving and sobbing. We couldn’t even see my granny’s burial. Mum blamed herself.

Nanu, I used to address my granny by that. She was of 75 years when she died. She wasn’t in good health. She lost a leg few years back due to some medical complications and was fighting with diabetes also, she quitted last night at 3 A.M. Before leaving she wanted to see us (me, my mum and my brother).

There were some major family problems we had due to which my mum completely stopped contacting my nanu since a year or two. Nanu yearned for us all these years but we had so many egos and guts that we never even thought of calling her. Brutal we were truly. And now my mum is moaning in pain for her loss. She regrets now for being a bad daughter. Honestly, it was not only my mum’s fault. She had to make a choice between her mother and her own children, she was a mother after all. I blame myself and the circumstance for all what happened.

Nanu is away from us and we couldn’t do anything now. Agony is mum can cry like hell in front of me but I can’t even shed a single tear in front of her, she won’t be able to swallow the pain if I break down. Rather I cry alone in a dark room.

The lesson nanu’s death taught us- Never keep your anger. It will only make you a loser. And your ego is the biggest enemy you will ever find in this earth.

I had many beautiful memories with my nanu. I was her closest grandchild. I will share those wonderful memories some other day. This is my first blog post dedicated to the wonderful lady me and my family just lost. May God bless you with heaven. We seek your forgiveness. You will always be in our hearts and our memories. Love you lots nanu and missing you today. Please don’t forget us, we won’t forget you.

Welcome :)

Hello 🙂 My name is Seneya and this is my blog. A greeting poem for you. Enjoy reading

Standing with a rose,
waiting for you to come.
A sweet smile glued to my face.
Anticipation is a sweet thing.
Even sweeter when I see you come by…